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Dharmasthala Manjunatha Temple

Dharmasthala is also known as the Miracle of Spirituality. Located near the Netravathi River in Dakshina Kannada district, it is considered to be the abode of Lord Shiva, the incarnation of Lord Shiva. Dharmasthala Manjunatha Temple is a shrine dedicated to all religions. There are more pilgrims who worship Hindus, Jainas and Gods. The place where the temple was located was over a village called Mallaradidi. The places were Jainists. The name of the fiancée is Bermina Pergesse. His wife Amoo Devi. Their home is Neliyadi Beesu. They set up a Jain Basadi for worship in this area. That is Chandranath Basidi.

Once in this family the Dharma gods came into human form. Pergas and his wife did not even know the guests. The satisfied Dharmika gods requested to provide them with the Neliyadi Bee and to make you another home. The family worshiped the gods Dharma gods at the Neliyadi house to make chariot gods, a lamp, a lamp and a blaze of sandals. After a while, they had a vision of dreams. The Dharma gods were asked to build a separate temple in the area where it was shown. The Perga Temple was built for four deities. They invited Brahmins to donate them, but they refused. During that time, the Dharma gods suggested that they bring their Lord Anjan to bring the penis of Manjunath at Kadri in Mangalapuram. It is believed that the Lingam was brought to the place where the temple is present.


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