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Parumala Panayannar Kavu Temple

In the stories of Kadamanattu Katharattu and in the palace of Sankunni Aithihyamala, the name of the Yakshi of the Panayannarkavakavu is less. The story of the yakshi of Panayannarkkaavu is so famous. Pathanamthitta Paramala Panaynar Kavu Temple is one of the most famous temples of the temples of Kerala. Parumala Panayannar Kavu Temple is one of the three well-known Bhadrakali temples of Kerala. Other temples are Malappuram Thirumandhankunnu Temple at Angadipuram, and Kumbumbha Bhagwati Temple in Kodungallur. Although the temple is believed to be one of the Shiva temples built by Parashurama, it is believed to be the principal shrine of Lord Krishna. According to Aithihyamala, the Kaliyankattu Neeliye is famous for having Kattanathar in the magic of Kadamattom.

On the way to Thiruvananthapuram from Padmanabhapuram, there were a batsmen who were entrapped by the crowds and brought in the forest. Many people tried to evict this guide, but could not. In the end, Katanar sprinkled her with iron, and she was staying in the backyard and drank at the Panayannar Kaka. This time there was a temple called Shriakkoor in Kadapra land. In the epicenter the Lord Thampuran went to the Panayoor and served Bhagwati and asked Devi to be a family goddess. He later landed in the place of the Bhumala Siva temple.

The temple is dedicated to Goddess Durga who has been burned after his death. There was a time when people were afraid to go too close to the goddess. He then closed his eastern road forever. Darshan is in the west with Sivan who is the shining bride. The Pambanadi flows in the west. It is said that Bhadrakali was settled here after the construction of the Siva temple. It is not a good idea to perform devotees of the East Vision of the temple. So the eastern part of the dam is closed for years. Devotees can see the Chamundeswari from north to east.


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