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Ulliyannoor Mahadeva Temple

Ulliyannoor Mahadeva Temple is a Chirapirathana temple located in the Uliyannur village near Aluva in Ernakulam district. The temple is located on Ulliyannur Island which was separated from Periyar. The legendary Periyattinan shrine is one of the few temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. Hundreds of devotees come from Durga temples. The temple is located a kilometer away from National Highway 47. It is also a magnificent temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. He is also known as Ulliyannoor Perundaran. According to a legend, the temple was built by the local Brahmans in the year 525. The temple was built by the Perumantan Temple, about 20 meters away from the Shivalingam. Temple design The temple is located at a very high level.

It is believed that this place was raised in the Periyatyankar for the temple. The soil is taken from the river. In the same sanctum sanctorum, Shiva-Parvathi is here. The temple wall is very beautiful. The temple is surrounded by a huge wall mounted on a red rod. Many of the architectural styles of the temple have been constructed in a very versatile way, but many today have become ruins. This temple has nothing to do with the calculation of damages during the battle of Mysore Sultanate Tippu. The sanctum sanctorum of the sanctum sanctorum was constructed by Perumthachan in the Kerala Kaumudi. There are about 42 meter circumference. Shiva-Parvati is the subject of this shrine. There were also damages to the idols of the Dwarapalakas at the mouth of Tippu. At the top of the shrine, the sanctum sanctorum is made of granite. It is beautiful and beautiful. In the sanctum sanctorum, east through the view of Lord Shiva and Visitor Parvathi in the west view. It is behind the semi-prognosis concept. The shiva lingam is very big. It will have a six feet tall. Autobiographical. Hence, no cheeks or feathers have been performed. Legend has it that Lord Parasurama made Shiva and Parvati in meditation meditation and gave them the power of the Shakyapakshi meditatively.

Periyar flows through the East Acta in order to satisfy the wrath of Mahadevan. The front porch is only constructed in the eastern mound of the mosque. Even though there is no prayer hall in parades, a small piece of work has been completed recently. There is a Nandikeshwara statue in the face. Till now, Tipu Puja was trying to ruin this Nandikeshwara temple which is located in the granite. Later, this Nandikeshwara temple is covered in brass. It keeps waiting for more. That’s the fourth ninth. The purple walls that were built on the cuttings were mixed with cement. Only the front portion of the Nilambur has been completed in full. The four-legged walls within the parvatanam are merely confined to the wall. We have built a large bell tower near the Fourth. The patriot and the bell tower were tilted. The paddy field was built in the south-east corner of the Nalambalam. Recently in the temple, Kodimirampattu was built in the temple. The flag of the Lord was done only by the Lord. The bridge is ongoing. The deities of the main sakovil are the South Sukovil Dakshinamoorthy and the Dakshinamoorthy in the south-west Rimsiyanaiyaraya Ayyappan in the southwest corner, Subrahmanyan in northwest mound, southwest corner naga gods, brahma krassas, northwest in southwest corner, the north west coast, the south east and the south west coast The Devotees of the Nur temple. The Madayilapappan Temple has also been built in equal terms. The temple will be open from 5 am to 12 pm and from 5 pm to 8pm on this day from 5 am to 3 pm. On the day of the holy month, on the day of the holy month, on the day of Thiruvathira, there is a festival of 10 days (10 days after Thiruvathira’s day, it is almost the same time, but sometimes it will be in the end. It is also important that Lord Shiva is celebrated in Kumbhamsam.


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