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Panthalam family has the right to close Sabarimala temple,says Sasikumar Varma

Sasikumar Varma, representative of the Panthalam royal family said that Sabarimala temple will be closed if the government does not agree their demands. “The young women who had reached Sabarimala till now are not real devotees. They reached as if someone sent them to disgrace the temple and its rituals”, Sasikumar Varma told a private channel.

“Devaswom board’s stand not to give a review plea against the supreme court verdict is not right. We don’t want to hold discussions with a government which is insolent. Panthalam royal family has the right to close the temple as per the contract signed between Travancore Royal Family and central government in 1949. The royal family is not hesitant to take such an action”, said Sasikumar Varma.

Now many people are trying to create a conflict among the people in the name of caste. I have doubts that the state government is behind this. A judicial enquiry should be made about the conflicts happened at Nilakkal”, demanded Sasikumar Varma.

Kerala Inspector General (IG) S Sreejith on Sunday said that the police is making all efforts to implement the Supreme Court’s ruling on allowing females of all groups inside the shrine without any obstacles.

During a talk with media, Sreejith says Women were part of pilgrimage group from Andhra. they had been to other temples also and did not know of special rituals and practices in Sabarimala Temple. When Somebody told them they were not supposed to go, they didn’t want to go and gave a statement. They want to go back to Nilakkal.


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