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The traditional jungle runway from Erumeli to Pampa will be 50 km long. This pilgrimage walk through the canyon is one of the most holy places for devotees. Perur Thodu, Irumpunikkanikkara, Arashmidikotta, Kallakatti, Ashokanadi, Kalladamkunnu, Inchiparakota, Mookkuzhi, Karriyalathodu, Karimala, Vallanavattam and Chinnanavattam. The canal begins from the iron rod. The pilgrims descend from Erumeli and walk to the Perur forest where the devotees reach the temple at the temple. The place is said to be the place where Lord Sreevarameswara had come to bear witness to Manikandan’s Mahashinary.

After performing a vision in the temple at Kalampatti, Ayyappa devotees throng to the beautiful landscape of Ashkenadi kadikkunnu. The place where the stone pillar of Manikandan Mahishi’s work has been cultivated by the stone and the soil is taken away by the stone from the altar. Then walk through the jungle trail and reach the bottom of the Karikkala river at Karikkala. This mountain is called Karimala because it is black in color. Then the devotees seek refuge in the form of a strong caramel. Ayyappalas are worshiping Karimalamnath in the Karimanam and then reach the small pyramid of Panya and Pariyanavattam.


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