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NSS lead Renaissance Movement Even Before Pinarayi Vijayan was Born Sukumaran Nair

Kerala Government has been quite upset about NSS openly expressing their displeasure against the stand Government took in the Sabarimala issue. NSS General Secretary Sukumaran Nair has been quite vocal about the issue and Communist leaders have been exhorting him to change his stand, but with little avail. Now Sukumaran Nair once again has responded strongly against the Government.

“Those who try to teach Renaissance to NSS should know that this is an organisation that laid the foundation of Renaissance even before the people currently in power were born. Currently, the communists have been forced to keep the picture of Mannath Padmanabhan wherever they go. The language used by the minister in Kerala proves that there is nobody in the rule with culture.

NSS took a strong stand in the issue. Many who supported the Supreme Court verdict on Sabarimala had to then come and align with the stand of NSS. All Hindu believers should do offerings at temple om 6th where the Sabarimala case will be considered in court”.

He added that the Supreme Court verdict on Sabarimala was something the left government wanted to destroy the faith in God and temples.


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